Introducing Mama Gaiam's Sonic Space

Welcome to a realm of serenity amidst the bustling heartbeat of New York City. Our Facilities offer a unique and exquisitely designed space and garden inviting you to enter a sanctuary to experience tranquility, wellbeing and recharge.

  • Energetic Design:

    Our sonic space is visually and purposefully designed to align with the principles of energy flow and spiritual harmony. creating an atmosphere conducive to relaxation, connection, and creativity.

  • Multi-Purpose Flexibility:

    Mama Gaiam can adapts to various needs. Whether you're hosting an intimate catered corporate meet-up, a wellness workshop, a yoga class, a conscious networking event, an art opening, or a meditation seminar, our adaptable layout can align with your vision.

  • Heart of the City, Haven for the Soul:

    Mama Gaiam offers the convenience of a central NYC location combined with the serenity of a secluded retreat. This duality makes it the perfect place to escape the demands of daily city life without venturing far from the city's heartbeat.


$35/hr - $95/hr ($150 Minimum)

Please reach out to our founder,, for approval and to inquire about a booking.