Kirtan With Maxananda

“I was born and raised in NYC and had a talent for music and composition at an early age studying at the Greenwich school Music House. MY road to overtone singing began later in life, a few months before the Chali chakra event in NYC led by the Dali Lama. At that time, I had an alternating experience with sound meditation.

I then created a “sound room” that served as an echo chamber and immersed myself in toning that year which later developed into a Spiritual Sound practice.

I have studied with many energy masters, including Barbara Brennana, Roselyn Bruyer, Jason Schulman, and Michael Mannas. I am great full to all of them, however, in the field of Sound Energy. I am self-realized.

I was asked to join Krishna Das’ posse as a recording member. He gave me the name Maxananda which means in NY Sanskrit “maximum Bliss” I am Grateful to KD for opening my heart and the format of call and response to elevate group energies.

I have been leading Kirtans in NYC for the last few years playing harmonium and sharing my talents with harmonics. I believe that is one of my missions in this life.

There is very little written about Nada Yoga in the Yoga Sutras. It has taken me over 40 years to understand why and how sound can lead to deep meditation and heighten awareness.”


Om Shanti,

Max Vazquez AKA Maxananda

Max Vazquez AKA, Maxananda, is a master harmonic singer, a practitioner of Nada Yoga, leads kirtans, and is a recording member of Krishnadas posse.

Maxananda has developed a system of overtone singing that incorporates the full body as a tuning instrument. The sounds are the natural frequencies that balance and align the Human energetic system based on the solfeggio frequencies which facilitates well being and deep meditation states

Sonic Mudras by Maxananda

Pranayama & Meditation With Maxananda


    "The above photograph is of a class I was teaching at the Open Center in 1992 after experiencing the sound current in one of my meditations. This became my path to Nada Yoga which I teach incorporating full spectrum harmonic toning of the sacred vowels. The other photograph is from Sivananda’s Ashram in Paradise Island,  Bahamas a few years later fine tuning my posture  and prana."



    "For me there are three parts to the OM. The first is OM (duality) the second is AUM (trinity) the third is AEIOU (Full Expansion). When toning with harmonics I begin to naturally go into geometric “melodies” using micro tones and maintain a strong sense of where the sound is in within my body and out side. It’s very important to maintain an erect but relaxed position siting position  to align the electrical current in the spine which naturally creates the electro magnetic field around the body. With practice you can sense this."



    “Maxananda is a master harmonic singer, practitioner of Nada Yoga, leads kirtans and is a recording member of Krishnadas posse. The harmonics he sings balances and aligns the Human energetic system and corresponds to the natural frequency partials found in nature known as the Fibonacci sequence. Maxananda will deepen your bhakti Kirtan experience by infusing micro tonal and harmonic overtones. while we chanting the bhajans with an emphasis on the Sanskrit vibrations. Maxananda will also demonstrate the five sonic qualities of the Om followed by the Hari Om bhajan. Also sing the Ganesha mantra using Tuva style throat singing followed by the Ganesha bhajan. As time permits more Bakti Bhajans and teachings will follow. I will demonstrate microtonal singing using harmonics to empower and entrain the seed sounds of the bhajans we will sing."

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