Physical, mental, and spiritual healing is said to be facilitated by holding crystals or applying them to the body. Crystals are said to accomplish this by interacting favorably with your body's chakras or energy fields. While some gems are claimed to reduce stress, others are said to enhance creativity or attention.

Our Selection


Amethyst 4mm, Angelite 8mm, Aquamarine A+ 6mm, Aquaterra 6mm, Azulite, Malachite 8mm, Black Obisidian+Brass 8mm, Black Obsidian 10mm, Black Obsidian 4mm, Black Obsidian 6mm, Black Obsidian 8mm, Black Silk Onyx 6mm, Black Tourmaline 8mm, Blue Gold Tiger Eye 8mm, Brown Goldstone 8mm, Carmelian plain 6mm, Chinese Jade 8mm, Copper 10mm, Dragonblood 10mm, Dragonblood 8mm, Golden Tiger Eye 6mm, Golden Tiger Eye 8mm, Labradontite 10mm, Labradontite 6mm, Lava Beads, Lava Beads 10mm, Lava Beads 8mm, Leopard Jasper 6mm, Lepidolite 6mm, Moonstone 8mm, Opalite 6mm, Poppy Jasper 10mm, Poppy Jasper 8mm, Red Tiger Eye 10mm, Red Tiger Eye 8mm, Rhodondite 6mm, Rose Quartz 6mm, Shungite 10mm, Shungite 6mm, Shungite 8mm, Shungite flat, Sodalite 8mm, Sodalite 8mm, Tiger Eye mix 6mm


Black Tourmaline, Black Tourmaline 6mm, Black Tourmaline 8mm, Black Tourmaline Drop, Black Tourmaline Mala 8mm, Canadian Jade Mala 8mm, Carnelian Mala 8mm, Golden Tiger Eye, Lava+Tiger Eye 8mm, Selenite+Blue Kyanite, Selenite+Carnelian, Tibetan Fruit Beads 6 mm, Wooden Prayer Beads, Yak Bone Mala 10mm, Yak Bone Mala 8mm, Yak Bone Mala White 10mm, Shungite 8mm, Shungite 6mm

Key chains

Citrine & Amethyst