A philosophy or field of study known as metaphysics uses broad concepts to define reality and our perception of it. Studies of metaphysics aim to reveal innate or universal aspects of reality.

Tarot Cards

The purpose of tarot cards is to provide divination regarding what is happening in your particular orbit, including love, money, work, goals, and your whole life path.


The runes are a powerful and age-old system of symbols that have roots in northern Europe. Find out how you may access the sacred knowledge of the Norse gods with the aid of this magical alphabet. The Rune Oracle Cards can be used as a divination system, meditation tool, or talisman to enlighten your life and bring about change.

Power Wands

Power wands are used to heal or strengthen our energy centers and scan the subtle body for obstruction. This is achievable due to the crystal wands' vibrational alignment.


Pendulums can be used as a divination tool to receive answers from your higher self as well as to scan your chakras for energy blocks.