Founder of Mama Gaiam, drawing on my 40 years of practice and experience, I've created a space where I could make a deeper impact, to pass down the teachings I've learned. I have developed programs for self-empowerment where I guide others in accessing their higher selves and stepping into their power through the tools of Mother Nature and sound healing techniques.

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Vocal Sound Workshop June 9th

Sunday June 9th 2pm-3:30pm

In this Workshop, we learn how to utilize vocal techniques to harness sound frequencies. This method is potent as it involves toning sacred vowels that correspond to the human chakra system, such as the fifth chakra, which actualizes willpower and intentionality. We will also explore the multifaceted nature of the OM, focusing on its second, and third elements to unveil the full-body potential of the OM. 

Weekly Meditation Classes Starting In June

This class is designed to help people who have struggles with meditating or want to go deeper into their meditation practice. Maxananda will lead the group into Qigong for body alignment, breath-work for expanded presence, and toning the OM for deepening our connections and intentions. 


Keep an eye out for more upcoming workshops and events scheduled for this month, via email and the Mama Gaiam website! Led by experts and myself, these gatherings are perfect for anyone looking to expand their power and integrate more wellness practices into their daily lives. Our classes allow us to experience, feel, and know ourselves.

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We are Experimenting with the concept of providing floral arrangements in mini vases. Vases become refillable vessels for future curated stems. Less is More is our vision of providing beauty with less waste.


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